Surely someone had to provide amnesty to the warring

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Unformatted text preview: y, solstice, clemency, and mercy? Which of these words were unfamiliar to you? Use your dictionary to learn meanings for the new words. Then write sentences using three of the words you’ve just learned. 1. ________________________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________________________________ TIP: The few moments you take to look up a word in a dictionary can really pay off. You’ll understand the meaning of the word and pump up your word power with just a tiny input of energy on your part! Read the following paragraph and circle any words that are new to you. Pay special attention to the nouns in bold type. Do You Want Fries With That? The student council meeting turned into a near riot. The argument on the day’s agenda was whether or not the school should allow fast food and soft drinks to be sold in the cafeteria. One viewpoint was that soft drinks and potato chips were fi...
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