The candidate announced his campaign with a kickoff

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Unformatted text preview: used every day in other arenas. (Note that arena can be defined as a sports field and as a place where events unfold). When we use sports words to describe other ideas, we’re using them as metaphors. As you read the list, note how often the words work off the field as well as on. Write down other sports words that come to mind, and be sure to look them up in a dictionary if you’re not sure about their exact meanings. TIP: A metaphor is a word or phrase used to describe similarity between two things without using like or as. For example, Tom is a tiger on the field suggests that Tom is fast and ferocious, like a tiger. WO R D S F R O M T H E WO R L D O F S P O R T S 1. aerobic. Something or someone that utilizes oxygen in order to live. The coach required all his players to do at least one hour a day of aerobic exercises. 2. calisthenics. Gymnastic exercises that are usually performed with little or no special apparatus. Every morning our homeroom teacher requires us to do five minutes of calisthenics in order to wake us up. 3. decathlon. An ath...
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