The class bully was vindictive and disruptive which

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Unformatted text preview: . 3. ecstatic. Extraordinarily joyous. The winning candidate’s ecstatic victory speech was greeted by cheers from the crowd of supporters. 4. elated. Delighted, pleased. Slightly less joyful than ecstatic, but showing great happiness. The kids were elated when their parents announced a spring trip to Disneyland. 5. frustrated. Disappointed or unhappy because of an inability to achieve a goal or fulfill a desire. John was frustrated by his inability to score higher on his math test, no matter how much time he spent studying for it. 6. humiliated. Strongly embarrassed. The figure skater was humiliated when, after landing a triple loop jump, she then tripped over her own skate laces. 7. lonely. Unhappy because of lack of access to other people; feeling empty. Spending the summer in the mountains was fun for the parents, but lonely for the kids, who missed their friends and sports activities. 8. melancholy. Extremely sad or depressed, for some period of time. Jane’s melancholy was interrupted, finally, by the visit of her best friend and their plans for a trip together. 9. patriotic. Loving of one’s country, a feeling often associated with unselfish sacrifice. The soldiers served their country with patriotic enthusiasm, despite the risks to their lives. 10. prudent. Cautious and practical in making decisions. The prudent climbers listened to the advice of their guide as they made their ascent up Mt. Everest. words to describe feelings 117 11. timid. Exhibiting a lack...
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