The correct choice is d something thats controversial

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Unformatted text preview: So part is the best choice. But you might have chosen either distraction or disappointment, if any surrounding sentences seemed to criticize Tim’s general appearance. 6. The decision to convert the school year to a ten-month calendar was very controversial among both students and teachers. a. creating popularity b. causing excitement c. creating profits d. causing disagreement As a student, you probably found this choice fairly easy. You can eliminate creating profit, because it would be highly unlikely for changing the calendar to make money for the school. The fact that both students and teachers are involved here should help you choose either a or d. Choice a is a logical possibility; there may be students somewhere in the world who want a shorter summer, but have you ever met one? The correct choice is d. Something that’s controversial causes disagreement; it’s something about which people have different opinions. u s e a w o r d ’s c o n t e x t t o f i g u r e o u t i t s m e...
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