The denition of word power is having a strong

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Unformatted text preview: ith the efficient and sophisticated words in this lesson Posttest Hints for Taking Standardized Tests Glossary 205 211 217 225 231 I N T R O D U C T I O N CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DECISION to increase your word power. The definition of word power is having a strong vocabulary. That doesn’t mean just knowing lots of words; it means being able to use them comfortably and effectively. Building word power may be one of the most important tasks you accomplish in your school years—apart from graduation itself, of course! Writing school assignments is usually a big challenge, and what single thing could make writing easier? The answer is simple: knowing enough of the right words to say what you mean so you can finish the writing assignment. Having a good vocabulary is valuable outside of school as well. Having just the right words in your mind, or at the tip of your tongue, lets you express your thoughts precisely. We’ve all experienced the frustration of knowing what we mean, but not being able to communicate our thoughts to...
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