The movie reviewers were ambiguous in their comments

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Unformatted text preview: d applauded uproariously. Denotation of the sentence: A candidate won and the crowd applauded. Connotation of new sentence: An extremely popular candidate won and felt proud of his victory. This sentence is much richer in connotation; it communicates meaning more effectively. Now, describe the differences between sentences by telling denotative and new connotative meanings. You may want to include a description of the writer’s attitude toward the subject in each case. 1. After Hurricane Katrina, the city ran out of first aid supplies. In the tragic wake of Hurricane Katrina, the city’s first aid supplies were found to be inadequate and drastically lacking. Denotation:_________________________________________________________ New Connotation: ___________________________________________________ 2. The reviews of the movie The Wizard of Oz varied, but the audiences liked the movie. The movie reviewers were ambiguous in their comments about The Wizard of Oz, but the audiences loved the movie unanimously. Denotation:________...
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