The rst letter of each correct answer has been

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Unformatted text preview: axes, fearing that homeowners with lower incomes would feel they were being prejudiced. 12. terrified. Being seriously frightened; seriously frightening someone else. The popularity of horror movies suggests that many movie fans love being terrified. P R AC T I C E 1 : T E S T I N G YO U R VO C A B U L A R Y K N OW L E D G E Do the following sentences use this lesson’s boldfaced vocabulary words correctly? Write T if a boldfaced word is used correctly and F if it is not. Read carefully; there may be tricks in the statements. _____ 1. Being horrified is one of the true pleasures of being a fan of the Alien movies. _____ 2. Feeling envy is a common emotion that describes feeling charitable and generous to others. _____ 3. If you despise a group of people, you are being thoughtful and considerate. _____ 4. If you have contempt for a group of people, you consider them inferior and less worthy than yourself. _____ 5. Being jealous is feeling negative or hostile about the fact that someone else has something that you don’t have. _____ 6. A glutton is someone who envies others. 124 build word power in all subject areas _____ 7. Weddings are events usually filled with delirious emotions. _____ 8. Barking dogs are usually furious a...
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