The sufx ic means having the quality of a person who

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Unformatted text preview: sfied. d. is known to tell frequent lies. 3. The Latin root luc/lum/lus means light. A lucid argument is a. very clear and understandable. b. loosely held together. c. illogical. d. one that blames others. 52 tools for building word power 4. The Latin root qui means quiet. A quiescent place is a. very isolated. b. very chaotic. c. very dangerous. d. very still and restful. 5. The Latin root loc/loq/loqu means word, speech. Something that is eloquent is a. dull and trite. b. expressed in an effective way. c. very old-fashioned. d. equally divided into parts. 6. The Greek word auto means self. To have autonomy means to a. have a lot of money. b. be independent. c. have courage. d. have strong opinions. 7. The Greek root pas/pat/path means feeling, suffering, disease. To have empathy is to a. give to others. b. have a love for others. c. identify with the feelings of others. d. be similar to others. 8. The Greek root pseudo means false, fake. The root nom/nym means name. A pseudonym is a. a false name. b. an ancient god or deity. c. a harsh sound. d. a long and boring speech. 9. The Greek root dog/dox means opinion. The suffix -ic means having the quality of. A person who is dogmatic is a. not in touch with reality. b. intolerant of other opinions. c. one who asserts opinions in an arrogant way. d. secretive and ungenerous. take words down to their roots 53 10. The Greek root phil means love and the root anthro/andro means human. Philanthropy i...
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