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Unformatted text preview: ng. 82 use different parts of speech TIP: Remember that it’s often easy to figure out the meaning of a new word by its context. D I S C OV E R I N G N E W N O U N S 1. Read the following paragraph and circle any words that are new to you. Pay special attention to their context in words around them, some of which appear in bold type. Vacation Planning Mabel was trying to organize her family’s vacation, and somehow it was getting more complicated than she’d anticipated. The kids would be at Camp Serenity for the first two weeks after the summer solstice, and after that, she planned to take them to Seventeen Flags for a special treat. The dilemma was finding a hotel or a nearby inn that offered accommodations for two kids, a mom, a dad, two dogs, and three pet snakes. “Maybe you should consider a boardinghouse or a bed-and-breakfast,” suggested her travel agent, “or try a hostel. Such an establishment might show you clemency or at least a little mercy.” Did you encounter any words you didn’t kno...
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