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Unformatted text preview: something is true, or to consider it as possible. supposed. The past tense of the verb suppose. I suppose we learned from our parents how to love animals. (correct) We are suppose to take care of them out of love, not obligation. (incorrect) I am supposed to study harder if I am serious about becoming a vet. (correct) TIP: Remember always to include the final d for the past tense of suppose. Too frequently, the word is used without the final d, and this immediately signals that the speaker either isn’t well educated or doesn’t care about language. confused and abused words 203 P R AC T I C E 1 : U S I N G C O N F U S I N G WO R D S C O R R E C T LY Circle the correct word in each sentence. 1. Janet gave me a (compliment/complement) about my essay. 2. The class (all together/altogether) has seven iPods, five cell phones, and two iPhones. 3. Paul is always anxious to (adapt/adopt) every new technology as soon as it appears on the market. 4. The (continual/continuous) appearance of new cable channels makes TV watching both exciting and confusing. 5. (Everyone/...
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