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Unformatted text preview: may grasp its meaning by associating it with one of its synonyms that you already know. For example, what’s another word for decrease? You know that decrease means to make smaller, and its antonym is increase. So what is one of its synonyms? A good synonym for decrease is diminish. Write a sentence here using the word diminish. ____________________________________________________________________ Do you like the sentence you wrote any better because it uses diminish instead of decrease? Does it sound more important? More grown-up? More precise? synonyms and antonyms: similars and opposites 65 H OW TO F I N D T H E SY N O N Y M YO U N E E D Many writers turn to a thesaurus to find synonyms. As we warned before, however, using a thesaurus is tricky unless you already know the exact meaning of each synonym listed for a word. If you don’t, you run the risk of picking a word with the wrong connotation, or even the wrong denotation. Review Lesson 4 if you’re not confident about the difference between denotation and connotation. If you...
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