These tests are often given by a state board of

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Unformatted text preview: us sources. b. criticize an idea or position. c. reach an accurate conclusion. d. reach a false conclusion. posttest 221 19. To interpret is to a. gather ideas together. b. explain or translate from one form to another. c. use an illogical argument. d. understand something correctly. 20. To be pretentious is to a. try to impress others. b. be very wise. c. be confident. d. be afraid to speak up. 21. Being elated means a. being dejected and unhappy. b. being satisfied. c. being willing to try anything. d. being delighted and pleased. 22. Being humiliated means a. being thrilled and happy. b. being disappointed. c. being frustrated. d. being embarrassed and looked down on. 23. Genealogy is the study of a. prehistoric animals. b. family histories. c. the pharaohs of Egypt. d. the development of plants. 24. To send condolences is to a. send sympathy to someone grieving. b. send regrets to an invitation. c. send formal invitations to a wedding. d. send a formal letter of application. 222 posttest 25. Euphemisms are a. formal invitations...
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