They are more specialized specific words and here the

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Unformatted text preview: a n i n g 31 7. Jennifer implied that she wanted to be Jim’s girlfriend, but she didn’t say so directly. a. hinted b. declared c. refused d. questioned The context tells you that Jennifer has chosen not to say something directly, so the definition of the word implied is already in the sentence, waiting for you to learn it. To imply means to suggest that something is true without stating it clearly. 8. The squeaks made by bats are usually too high-pitched to be perceived by humans. a. imitated b. enjoyed c. noticed d. criticized Did you choose noticed? Then you chose wisely. To perceive is to become aware of, recognize, or understand by means of the senses, such as hearing. You might have chosen imitated or enjoyed, both of which make sense, but don’t accurately convey the entire meaning of perceive. They are more specialized, specific words, and here, the more general term noticed is the best choice. 9. Humor is the predominant theme of many animated television shows, including The Simpsons. a. most important b. interesting c. likeable d. controversial You...
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