Think about synonyms and antonyms whenever youre

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Unformatted text preview: irical evidence found in historical records to predict future storms. 5. finite. Being limited; having an end or boundaries. Environmentalists believe Earth’s resources are finite and must be preserved. 6. implicit. Suggested, implied, or understood; not directly stated. The teacher’s implicit instructions were that neatness counted as much as timeliness, but she didn’t say that exactly. 7. inherent. A natural part of something that cannot be separated from it. Competitiveness is probably inherent in athletes. 8. intrinsic. A basic part of the nature of something or someone. Bees are intrinsically attracted to sweet-smelling flowers, and humans seem to be intrinsically attracted to sweet-tasting foods. 9. predominant. The most common or important; most dominant. Saving energy has become a predominant issue in countries all over the world, not just in America. 10. preliminary. Happening before something that is more important. The preliminary trials for the Olympics are held throughout the world in order to select each country’s finest athletes. 11. prudent. Using careful and sensible judgment. Prudent students start their homework early, and finish early, in order to leave time for other more entertaining activities. 12. reluctant. Hesitant or uncertain. Hikers should not be reluctant to admit their fears about steep paths and rocky ledges. 90 use different parts of speech TIP: Sometimes you can remember a word better if you focus on its synonym, or even its ant...
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