Tips and techniques for guring out the meanings of

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Unformatted text preview: e you might hear or say in normal conversation. • Easy-to-understand phonetic pronunciation guides, in cases where it may be tough to figure out how to say an unknown word. • A variety of exercises to keep you interested and challenged, and help you get the new words filed permanently in your memory bank. • Tips and techniques for figuring out the meanings of new words you hear or read. • Dictionary, thesaurus, and other resources (some online) that can help you build word power as you work with this book and after. • A list at the end of each lesson: Words You Should Now Know. These are words defined and/or used in the lesson that may be new to you. If a word has not been defined in the lesson, and you don’t recognize it, use a dictionary to look it up. • A list of Extra Word(s) You Learned in This Lesson. This feature provides space for you to record additional new word(s) you may have learned in the lesson. You’ll get the most out of this book if you do the lessons in Section 1 in order, becau...
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