Vertigo is often associated with fear of heights tom

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Unformatted text preview: ear of small spaces, like elevators or closets. Air travel is an impossibility for my cousin Rebecca, who suffers from extreme claustrophobia. 4. arachnophobia. An extreme fear of spiders. My friend has arachnophobia to such an extent that she wasn’t able to watch the movie Charlotte’s Web at our sleepover last weekend. 5. hypochondria. Excessive concern or talk about one’s health, usually with concentration on a particular form of illness. Everyone in the chess club is tired of Ethan’s hypochondria; he always worries about the back pain he fears he’ll develop at the chess contest finals. 6. insomnia. Inability to sleep. James decided that his insomnia was a blessing once he realized how much studying he could get done in the middle of the night when the house was quiet. 7. kleptomania. A compulsion to steal, even without need or any specific desire. The store manager accused his favorite employee of kleptomania after catching him shoplifting CDs three days in a row. 8. megalomani...
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