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Unformatted text preview: HERBERT SPENCER (1820–1903) ENGLISH PHILOSOPHER AND POLITICIAN This lesson offers a list of words that describe rare emotions—feelings not common to all of us. Nevertheless, these are words that you will hear or read about and will enjoy adding to your vocabulary word power. DO YOU EVER feel scared in an elevator or other small space? Do you get dizzy when you look down from a tall building? Do you sometimes suspect the whole world is against you? Do you often think you may be sick, even when you have no particular pains? Many people have these feelings once in a while. But when such intense feelings become a constant problem and affect people’s everyday lives, these rare (not often found) fears are called phobias. The dictionary definition of phobia is an irrational fear of something that in normal circumstances poses little or no real danger. If the problem continues, psychologists and other doctors have several ways to help people overcome their fears. But for the great majority of people, such fears aren’t a problem; the people just feel strange when they occur. These are special words that desc...
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