We were so anxious to see that new comedy that we

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Unformatted text preview: is modified slightly, but for the most part, these words were adopted as is, without significant changes. Some words feel so natural to us that it takes a moment to realize that they’re technically foreign words. Others keep the pronunciation from their original language, and are therefore more easily recognized as foreign imports. 186 build word power in special ways Knowing the meaning of many words and how to pronounce them is a sure sign of word power, your goal in reading this book! Following is a list of words that are direct imports to English. You may already know some of them. Aids to their pronunciations are included to help you if needed. WO R D S F R O M F O R E I G N S O U R C E S 1. ad hoc (from Latin for for this). Something created right now, or improvised, for a specific purpose. Hurricane Katrina caused the ad hoc formation of citizen rescue teams. 2. ad hominem (add-HOHM-eh-nihm). (from Latin for to the man) An argument that attacks someone’s character rather than attacking his argument, appealing to the emotions rather than the intellect. Political races are too often fu...
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