Why you should keep a personal word book beware the

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Unformatted text preview: ry should you use? • Why you should keep a personal word book • Beware the dangerous thesaurus! Lesson 3: Use a Word’s Context to Figure Out Its Meaning • How to figure out a word’s meaning without a dictionary • New words: Use them or lose them! Lesson 4: Create Meaning from Connotations • Learn how a single word can have many meanings • Mean what you say Lesson 5: Understanding Word Parts • Learn how to take words apart to figure out their meanings • Common prefixes and suffixes to build your word power 1 5 13 15 21 27 35 43 iv contents Lesson 6: Take Words Down to Their Roots • Learn common word roots that will increase your vocabulary • How ancient Latin and Greek words influence modern English words Lesson 7: Mnemonics: Codes to Help You Spell Words • Memory aids to help you spell better • Tricks for remembering difficult ideas Lesson 8: Synonyms and Antonyms: Similars and Opposites • How to find the single right word among the many that might do ...
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