Would each of these words create the same meaning if

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Unformatted text preview: esaurus is a book that provides synonyms and antonyms for words. Use a thesaurus to look up a word and find many other words that have the same (or the opposite) meaning as that word. But be careful! Thesauruses don’t explain the nuances, or subtle differences in meaning, that exist among words that seem to have the same or nearly the same meaning. For example, look at this short list of synonyms that a thesaurus provides for the word adequate: competent, modest, sufficient, suitable, decent, equal Now, imagine using any of these words in the following sentence: Sally, the hardest-working student in our class, has a vocabulary that is ______________. Would each of these words create the same meaning if it were plugged into the sentence? Hardly. To say that Sally’s vocabulary is suitable is very different from saying that it is sufficient or adequate. And saying it is equal doesn’t make any sense at all. Avoid using a thesaurus unless you know for sure that the word you’ve chosen conveys exactly the me...
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