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Unformatted text preview: dividuals with a common parent; a brother or sister. My older brother accuses me of sibling rivalry because he’s allowed to stay out later than I am. P R AC T I C E 1 : K N OW I N G YO U R FA M I LY WO R D S Circle the answer that best completes each sentence: 1. Genealogy is a. the entire number of a people in a generation. b. the study of family histories. c. the descendants of one family. d. the total number of one’s kin. 2. A family tree is a. a family that has many branches. b. a pedigree of an individual. c. a chart showing a family’s relationships. d. a family’s financial records. 148 build word power in all subject areas 3. The Ford family of Detroit is a. a famous American dynasty. b. an example of a polygamous family. c. not at all connected to the car company. d. a small kinship group. 4. An individual’s descendants are a. his wife and their children. b. his extended family. c. his siblings. d. his children and grandchildren. 5. One’s ancestors are a. one’s brothers and sisters. b. one’s extended family. c. the close relatives who lived before. d. one’s immediate relatives. 6. A group of persons descended from a common ancestor is called a. a descendant. b. a family. c. a dynasty. d. kin. 7. A line of descent tracing ancestry is often called a. a pedigree. b. a kin group. c. a dynasty. d. a family. 8. A nuclear family is defined as a. a family with all its cousins and aunts and uncles. b. a mother, a father, and their children. c. a monogamous...
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