You may use more than one adverb or adjective in each

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Unformatted text preview: care, deliberation, and dedicated thought. The teacher thoughtfully excused the students early on Friday, figuring they needed a break after a long hard week. 12. vigorously. To do something with energy and strength. Despite being ten points behind, the team played vigorously until the end of the game. P R AC T I C E 1 : U S I N G A DV E R B S C O R R E C T LY Fill in the blanks with adverbs you’ve learned in this lesson. You may repeat adverbs in more than one sentence if you like, but be sure to consider all the adverbs. 1. The marathon runners dashed ____________ toward the finish line. 2. The proud parents watched ____________ to see if their girl would finish the race successfully. 3. The cheerleaders yelled ____________ as the game neared its dramatic end. 4. The winning team cheered ____________ as they squirted water over their coach’s head. 5. The losing team marched ____________ off the field at game’s end. 6. The athletes trained ____________ for months in advance of the Olympics. 7. Losing ____________ is the sign of poor sportsmanship. dress up verbs with adverbs 105 8. Being a generous winner is the sign of a ____________ well-trained athlete. 9. Our team learned how to be ____________ losers when they lost their final game. 10. Determined to win next season, the coach ____________ promised the students a longer training period next year. P R AC T I C E 2 : U S I N G T R I...
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