You may well become a real word puzzle fan which

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Unformatted text preview: Z Z L E S If you take the bus or other public transportation, or spend time sitting around an airport, you probably see people with word search or crossword puzzle books. These activities are popular because they keep minds active tools and techniques for learning new words 23 while teaching new and interesting words. They also provide a challenging, fun way to pass the time. If you haven’t tried these kinds of puzzles, check your local newspaper or go online to look for them. Puzzle books are sold in most bookstores, so you may want one to keep in your backpack for down time. You may well become a real word puzzle fan, which could be a good thing. Who knows, you just might turn into a famous writer someday! DICTIONARIES This may seem obvious, or boring, but don’t underestimate the value of a dictionary. You should make it a habit to use a dictionary in two ways. 1. Look up the meanings of words you don’t know. 2. While looking up a word, note other words printed near it. Browse, and you may find some other, really fascinating ones you don’t know on the s...
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