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Unformatted text preview: ing the action taking place or the relationship between two people or things. And verbs also tell a reader or listener the time of the action: present, past, or future. Verbs are such an essential part of communication that sometimes a verb can stand alone to communicate a whole idea: Stop. Go. Smile. Hurry. Even in one-word answers, the verb is understood although not spoken: Have I made myself clear? Yes. [Understood, not spoken: You have made yourself clear.] When are you arriving? Tomorrow. [Understood, not spoken: I will arrive tomorrow.] 94 use different parts of speech W H AT D O V E R B S D O ? The primary function of a verb is to describe a state of being (is, are, and so on) or an action taken by the subject (the main noun) in the sentence: Janet is my sister. (state of being) Janet eats some chocolate every single day. (action taken by subject) As the powerhouse of every sentence, verbs are extremely important. With the right, strong, precise verb, your sentences can be very forceful and create a strong impression. Janet eats som...
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