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Unformatted text preview: communication now and in the future. LEARNING NEW WORDS isn’t a magical process. And it’s not rocket science. It just takes a willingness to learn and an appreciation of how useful words can be. It’s important to remember that the best words aren’t necessarily the longest ones—or the strangest ones. Indeed, most great writers agree that the best words are the simple ones that express thoughts in plain language that’s sincere and direct. All this means is that if you want to improve your word power and the ability to communicate effectively, you can. You’ll just need some valuable resources and time-tested techniques to make words stick in your word bank. 22 tools for building word power TO O L S F O R B U I L D I N G WO R D P OW E R A Good Ear The very best tools for building vocabulary are attached to your head: your two ears! Listening carefully is an ideal way to pick up new words. If you concentrate on listening for new words, you’ll discover that you hear them every d...
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