Your book also includes a pretest and a posttest to

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Unformatted text preview: se each lesson builds on skills from earlier lessons. But once you’ve finished the first section, feel free to do the rest of the lessons in a different order. What’s important is that you complete all the lessons, and review any that seemed tricky the first time. If you stick with the plan, in just one month you’ll have word power to brag about! Your book also includes a pretest and a posttest to help you evaluate word power before and after using the lessons. On the pretest, you’re not expected to get all the answers right. If you did, you wouldn’t need this book! 4 introduction The difference in your two scores after you take the posttest will show you how your word power has increased! Each lesson takes just 15 minutes. If you’ll invest that very small amount of time each day to read and absorb a lesson’s material and answer a few questions, you’ll noticeably improve your vocabulary. Now, doesn’t that sound workable? T I P : T h e B e s t Wa y t o I m p rove Yo u r Vo c a bu l a r y a n d B u i l d Wo rd Powe r The single most effective way to improve your vocabulary is simply this:...
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