A an enemy b a solution c a mystery d a good idea the

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Unformatted text preview: two kinds of directions—factual ones and imaginary ones! So, by a process of elimination, you should choose clearly stated as the meaning of explicit. 2. Although it was futile, Tom insisted on applying to become a member of the girls’ soccer team, even though he knew he didn’t meet the most basic requirement. a. useless b. fruitful c. possible d. likely The context tells you that Tom doesn’t meet the most basic requirement, so you can eliminate possible and fruitful, both of which suggest good, positive outcomes for his application. Futile means “useless,” producing no result, like Tom’s application. 3. Brittany considered her parents’ rules an enigma; she couldn’t understand why they wanted her to be home so early every afternoon. a. an enemy b. a solution c. a mystery d. a good idea The second half of the sentence tells you Brittany doesn’t understand the rules, so you can eliminate an enemy and a good idea. It’s unlikely that she considers their rules a solution, so you...
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