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Unformatted text preview: ary is a tricky word to spell Never Eat Chocolate; Eat Salad, Sandwiches, And Remain Young 5. quiet/quite Think of E.T., who was a very quiet alien, but quite a sweet one. 6. cemetery Remember always that there are three e‘s in cemetery. 7. accommodations Hotel rooms always have two beds that look like two Ms. 8. desert/dessert You always want more, so dessert has two Ss. 9. separate (not seperate) To remember to spell separate correctly, memorize this mnemonic: Separate is a rat of a word to spell. 10. Mnemonics is a tricky word to spell. Mnemonics Neatly Eliminate My Nemesis—Insufficient Cerebral Storage. nemesis means an opponent or problem that cannot be overcome cerebral means of or relating to the brain 58 tools for building word power P R AC T I C E : S P E L L I N G T R I C K Y WO R D S Choose the correctly spelled words to fill in the blanks. Once you’ve checked your answers at the end of the lesson, create a mnemonic to help you remember each word’s correct spelling. Write your mnemonics in the spaces provided. 1. The televi...
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