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Unformatted text preview: should have chosen a mystery. An enigma is something that’s puzzling or difficult to understand. 30 tools for building word power 4. The principal is extremely popular with the students because he is a strong advocate of students’ rights. a. opponent b. enemy c. member d. supporter You might have picked enemy because some students don’t like their principal, but the context of the sentence tells you that this principal is popular. So you can eliminate opponent as well. Member isn’t logical; students and principals aren’t usually members of the same group. Supporter is the right choice here. To be an advocate means to actively support an idea or a group. 5. One component of Tim’s outfit was a baseball cap turned sideways on his head; another was his sagging pants. a. distraction b. color c. disappointment d. part This is a difficult choice. The word component means one of several parts that make up a whole, usually a machine or a system. For example, earphones are a component of an iPod....
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