A new idea introduced to a process b a complicated

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Unformatted text preview: appen. d. out of reach. 12. When you have an incentive, you have a a. reason to stop doing something. b. an extra part of something that can easily be separated. c. the last item in a list or series. d. a stimulus to complete a task. 220 posttest 13. To give someone clemency is to give them a. a stiff sentence for a crime committed. b. a gift of enormous value. c. mercy and forgiveness. d. the right to manage on their own. 14. Mediation is a. intervention to settle a disagreement. b. finding the middle ground. c. granting someone forgiveness. d. supporting the opposing viewpoint. 15. Amnesty is a. a choice between two alternatives. b. safety from punishment or prosecution. c. the right to have a lawyer represent you. d. a state of calm, with no disturbances. 16. To augment is to a. listen to an opposing argument. b. consider changing positions. c. to increase or add to something. d. to accomplish or achieve something. 17. To allocate is to a. increase the size of something. b. decrease the size of something. c. improve the condition of something. d. set something aside for a special purpose. 18. To compile is to a. put together from vario...
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