Appreciate it b value it c describe it d gather it 2

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Unformatted text preview: everal of the stories read in class. 7. deduce. To reach a conclusion using facts. The teacher was able to deduce which students had studied and which hadn’t by the vocabulary test results. 8. derive. To receive or understand something from something or somewhere else. Many words in English are derived from roots that originated in Latin or Greek. 9. interpret. To explain; to translate from one form into another. The teacher interpreted the students’ smiles to mean that they either enjoyed the lesson or were glad it was over! 10. perceive. To see or understand something that’s difficult to understand. The serious students perceived the need to study hard; the others didn’t. 11. prioritize. To organize or handle in order of importance. I prioritized my homework based on which assignments were due sooner than others. 12. utilize. To make use of. The teacher encouraged students to utilize their dictionaries to learn the accurate meanings of words. SOME HELPFUL MNEMONICS It’s ofte...
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