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Unformatted text preview: d. b. the main part of a word. c. the strict dictionary definition of a word. d. the origin of a word. 6. The word connotation means a. the emotional or cultural meaning of a word. b. the strict dictionary definition of a word. c. the substitution of one word for another. d. the idea that is the word’s starting point. posttest 219 7. The word antecedent describes a. something that doesn’t move. b. something that comes before. c. something that is ancient. d. something that is controversial. 8. To synchronize is to a. make something happen very quickly. b. suggest an alternative idea. c. make something happen at the same time. d. ask an irrelevant question. 9. A pseudonym is a. a false name. b. an ancient god or deity. c. a harsh sound. d. an evil opponent. 10. To fluctuate is to a. fly at very high altitudes. b. flutter in the breeze. c. change frequently. d. feel sickly and nauseous. 11. The opposite of the word inevitable is a. certain to happen. b. may never happen. c. likely to h...
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