Carefully when you catch a euphemism being used try

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Unformatted text preview: d? Does it hide some secret motive? If the answer is yes, then it’s probably a euphemism. Euphemisms aren’t usually made up of difficult words, but are usually a sign that a sensitive or complicated idea is being simplified or covered up. The following is a list of some common euphemisms. As you read the list, write down other euphemisms you’ve heard. words that really mean something else 193 E U P H E M I S M S A B O U T D E AT H This is the largest category of frequently used euphemisms, no doubt because death is so universally feared and so little understood. Examples passed away; checked out; bit the Big One; kicked the bucket; bought the farm; pushing daisies; sleeping the Big Sleep; gone six feet under Notice how all these phrases include a hint of humor to mask the seriousness of the subject they are refusing to acknowledge directly. EUPHEMISMS ABOUT POLITICS Next to death, the subject that probably causes the most emotion—and therefore prompts the frequent use of euphemisms—is politics. Have you heard politicians use any of these euphemisms, and can you describe what they act...
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