Chron greek root for time anachronism something that

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Unformatted text preview: from one Latin root. ced/ceed/cess: Latin root for to go, yield, stop antecedent: that which comes before cessation: a stopping, the end of something concede: to admit something is true, to surrender exceed: to extend beyond precede: to come before proceed: to go forward procedure: the act of proceeding, a process You don’t have to memorize Latin roots; that would be a huge task and could take years! But a list like the one above should help you see the relationships that exist between words and help you figure out meanings of similar-sounding words. Ancient Greek is the other major original source of many English words. The language spoken in Greece today is descended (look up that word if you don’t already know it) from earlier forms of Greek that date back to the thirteenth century B.C. Imagine how fascinating it is for etymologists to trace a modern word in English back through 3000 years of Greek usage! take words down to their roots 51 A SA M P L E G R E E K R O OT A N D I T S U S E...
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