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Unformatted text preview: ason for thinking your first response was wrong, change it. T H E DAY S B E F O R E T H E T E S T P hys i c a l Ac t i v i t y Get some exercise in the days preceding the test. Play a game outside with your friends or take your pet for a walk. Exercise helps give more oxygen to your brain and allows your thinking performance to rise on the day you take the test. But moderation is key here. You don’t want to exercise so much that you feel too tired; however, a little physical activity will do the trick. hints for taking standardized tests 229 Balanced Diet Like your body, your brain needs the proper nutrients to function well. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in the days before the test. Foods like fish and beans are also good choices to help your mind reach its best level of performance before a big test. Rest Get plenty of sleep the nights before the test. Go to bed at a reasonable time, and you’ll feel relaxed and rested. T E S T DAY It’s finally here: the day of the big test! Eat a good breakfast, and avoid anything high in sugar (even though it might taste good, no sugary cereal or doughnuts). If you can, get to your classroom early so you can review your materials before the test begins. The best thing to do next is to relax and think positively! Before you know it, the test will be over, and you’ll walk away knowing you did your absolute best! G L O S S A R Y accept recognize or take on something acronym pronounceable word formed from the initial letter...
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