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Unformatted text preview: he most common homophones and confusing word pairs, along with brief definitions. Memorize these words and their meanings. Using them correctly is the sign of an educated, word-powerful person. Confusing Word Groups accept/except adapt/adopt Brief Definitions to accept is to recognize or take on except means to exclude something to adapt is to adjust or modify something to adopt is to take something or someone as one’s own to affect is to modify or change something effect is a noun that means the result all ready is the state of being prepared already means by this time all ways means every method or path always means forever, as in time a bibliography is a list of books or other documents a biography is the story of one person’s life breath is a noun describing the intake of air breathe is the verb, the process of using the air dual means two, or double duel is a formal fight between opposing parties to ensure is to make something or some idea certain to insure is to make something certain in financial terms to...
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