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Unformatted text preview: most frequently abused words in current English conversation. They are quickly losing any meaning because of their overuse. So try to substitute other, more precise words to convey your meaning. WO R D S T H AT G E T A B U S E D Here are some of the most frequently abused words—ones used incorrectly you can easily use correctly if you pay careful attention to their meanings. 1. being that. These words are incorrect when used as a phrase. Being that I love animals, I’m planning to become a vet. (incorrect usage) Being an animal lover, I plan to become a vet. (correct) 2. hopeful. An adjective that describes someone full of hope. hopefully. An adverb that means doing something with hope. I am hopeful that my grades will get me into vet school. (correct) Hopefully I’ll do well in school. (incorrect) I am studying hopefully, and working as hard as I can. (correct) 3. regardless. Without taking into account. Note: there is no such word as irregardless. Irregardless of my grades, my experience with animals should help. (incorrect) Reg...
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