Convey the action in a sentence b describe or modify

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Unformatted text preview: een opponents. d. the second place winner in a race. 9. To persecute someone is to a. try them for a crime. b. count them as part of a group. c. find someone guilty of a crime. d. punish or pursue in an extreme manner. 10. A hostel is a. a place where animals live. b. a fairly inexpensive hotel. c. a hostess at a company party. d. an introduction to a play. 11. Adjectives are words that a. convey the action in a sentence. b. describe or modify nouns in a sentence. c. act as helpers to the verb in a sentence. d. determine when the action is happening. 12. The word inherent means a. a natural part of something that cannot be separated. b. an extra part of something that can easily be separated. c. the last item in a list or series. d. something that can be divided into at least two parts. 13. The word predominant refers to the a. least important part of a subject. b. opening paragraph in an essay or short story. c. final explanation in an essay or short story. d. most common or important part of somethi...
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