D an ophthalmologist 22 the doctor who helps

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Unformatted text preview: eople is to a. care about their welfare. b. consider them not worthy of respect. c. consider them very important. d. be jealous of them. pretest 9 20. If you are gluttonous, you are a. a good team player. b. an accomplished athlete. c. willing to try anything. d. someone who eats a lot. 21. If you are having trouble hearing, you should go to a. a dermatologist. b. an audiologist. c. an internist. d. an ophthalmologist. 22. The doctor who helps straighten teeth is a. an optometrist. b. an audiologist. c. an orthodontist. d. a dermatologist. 23. Aerobic exercise is a. working out with free weights. b. running at least a mile a day. c. exercise that builds muscles. d. exercise in which the heart pumps faster and the body uses more oxygen. 24. Calisthenics are exercises that a. require the use of free weights. b. require the use of no equipment. c. require a great deal of cross training. d. require large muscle mass. 25. Kinetic is a word that describes a. something that is produced by motion. b. something that is stat...
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