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Unformatted text preview: n easy to remember a word’s meaning by creating a mnemonic for it. Here are a few that may help you with this lesson’s verbs: Allocate: to assign ALL to a new place Deduce: to DEDUCT or subtract one idea from another 96 use different parts of speech Compile: to make a PILE of things Perceive: to SEE something is to per-SEEVE it Utilize: to USE something USEFUL Can you invent some others? P R AC T I C E : K N OW I N G YO U R N E W V E R B S Circle the the correct meaning of the italicized word in each sentence. 1. To compile something is to a. appreciate it. b. value it. c. describe it. d. gather it. 2. To derive something is to a. expand it. b. understand it. c. clarify it. d. avoid it. 3. If you allocate something, you a. worry about it. b. understand it. c. assign it. d. forget it. 4. To compensate someone means to a. pay them. b. criticize them. c. flatter them. d. dismiss them. 5. To deduce something is to a. think negatively about it. b. wonder if it is true. c. fix it firmly. d. figure it out rationally. zip up your verbs 97 6. When you augment your work, you are a. increasing it. b. finishing it. c. avoiding it....
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