Describe some very uncommon feelings strange emotions

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Unformatted text preview: Tips on using the same word in different grammatical forms Lesson 17: Strange Feelings and Emotions • Learn the precise words that describe some very uncommon feelings • Strange emotions don’t require long words, just the right words Lesson 18: Learn Words for the Sciences • Learn words to describe the various fields of science • Reminders on how to increase your vocabulary by knowing word roots Lesson 19: You May See the Doctor Now • Learn useful words in the medical field—for doctors and patients alike • Specialized words for illnesses and research areas Lesson 20: Words about Families • Learn how complicated it sometimes is to define who’s in your family • Specialized family words that help define relationships 107 109 115 121 127 133 139 145 vi contents Lesson 21: Mind Your Manners • Learn many words to help you obey society’s rules • With good manners, simply saying thank you is often not enough • Why it’s okay to not say what you mean Lesson 22: Words from Popular Culture • Learn how old words are adapted to describe new ideas • Increase your vocabulary inventory by spotting new trends Lesson 23: Words from the Sports Arena • Learn new words to use on and off the playing field • Discover why sports is considered the universal language Lesson 24: Words about Politics • Learn words that describe both national and local governments • Your school may be the place to use your new political word power Lesson 25: Words ab...
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