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Unformatted text preview: to impress others; pretending to be very important or very wise principal the head of a school principle a doctrine or assumption glossary 245 prioritize to arrange or do in order of importance pro bono publico (from the Latin for the public good) something that is done without pay, for the public good; often shortened to pro bono procedure a way of performing a task; a series of steps to be followed proceed tion prodigy to move forward; to advance or continue in an established direcan unusually talented or gifted person, usually young prosecute to take legal action against someone protocol the customs, regulations, and etiquette that govern a particular situation; also, a document or treaty between states prudent cautious and practical in making difficult decisions pseudonym a false name, often used by writers to mask their identity psychology pyromania the scientific study of human and animal behavior an uncontrollable desire to set fires quiescent still, restful, quiet rare real really not often found; unusual adjective that describes something that is not false adverb that intensifies the verb it modifies to bring back together; to reestablish a relationship reconcile redundant repetitious, using more words than necessary to express an idea referendum a popular vote on a proposed law regardless without taking into account (note that there is no such word as irregardless) reluctant hesitant or uncertain about something respect the core word on which all etiquette...
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