Feminist one who espouses the philosophy or political

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Unformatted text preview: being in a state of ecstasy the result of something egotist a person who is self-centered, and thinks he is better or more interesting than others elated delighted, pleased; slightly less joyful than ecstatic, but showing great happiness eloquent persuasive and easily communicating or defending a position empathy the ability to understand or sympathize with another’s point of view glossary 237 empirical based on experience; established by observation or physical fact energetically effort doing something with notable energy, dedication, or extra English Language Learners people learning English as a second language enhance to improve something, or make it greater enigma a problem or statement that is mysterious, or difficult to understand extremely large enormous ensure to make something or some idea certain enthusiastically doing something with eagerness or intensity of feeling entomology envy the study of insects to feel discontent about another’s possessions or qualities epigram a short, witty poem saying, or quotation that conveys a single thought in a clever way epigraph a brief quotation that appears at the beginning of articles, essays, or novels to introduce the theme of the narrative that follows esoteric understood by or meant for only the special few who have private or secret knowledge etiquette the unwritten rules governing socially acceptable behavior and defining good manners etymologist someone who studies the origins and development of words ety...
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