Gluttonous given to overindulgence especially in food

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Unformatted text preview: mology the study of the origins and historical development of words, including the changes that occur in words as they move from one language to another euphemism a mild, indirect, or vague expression substituted for one thought to be offensive, harsh, or blunt. every one everyone the specific individuals in a group a pronoun that describes a group; everybody in the group exceed to be larger or greater than something else except to exclude something executive an officer or administrator in an organization who supervises others exorbitant an extravagant, excessive amount or quality experimentally doing something in a careful way, following established procedures to establish the truth of something 238 glossary expertly doing something with an extraordinary amount of skill and knowledge explicit clear, precise, detailed doing something at the furthest reach, or at a level distant from an outgoing, gregarious person who enjoys the company of others to make something happen more easily extremely the norm extrovert facilitate family tree a genealogical chart showing the ancestry, descent, and relationship of all members of a family or other genealogical group fascinating to have interesting qualities or characteristics faux pas (from the French for false step) an embarrassing mistake in manners or conduct federal referring to the central...
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