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Unformatted text preview: putation working at a small town diner. _____ 9. Being an extrovert means that you are probably most concerned with yourself and don’t have much time to extend outward. _____ 10. When your idea of a vacation is to go to New Orleans and help rebuild houses, you are probably known as an altruist. _____ 11. Egotists are people who are said to think of themselves before they think of others. _____ 12. By the age of ten, the mathematics prodigy was scoring better on college-level calculus exams than the university students. words to describe personalities 113 P R AC T I C E 3 : W H O A R E YO U ? Fill in the first sentence about yourself using one or more of the words from this lesson. Use the second sentence to describe a sister or brother, best friend, teacher, or parent. You may use additional words not found in this lesson. 1. I would describe myself as a ________________ because I _____________ ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________...
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