Manners etymologist someone who studies the origins

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Unformatted text preview: and its diseases 236 glossary descendant a person, animal, or plant descended from a specific ancestor desktop publishing the use of computer software that enables the design and production of professional-looking publications on a home computer despise to look at something or someone with contempt, hatred, or disgust devour eat quickly, hungrily diagnostic dilemma diminish a technique for finding the root or cause a situation in which a choice must be made between two options to make smaller or less important discipline field of knowledge disinterested having no opinion either way; having no selfish motive distort docile dogma to bring something out of shape; to misrepresent the facts easily controlled or supervised; meek and mild a principle or belief thought to be absolutely true domain name an internet address owned by a person or organization to identify the location of its Web pages; domain suffixes indicate the type of material on the pages at that address draft in sports, the selection by a professional team of new players from a group of amateur players dual two, or double of something dubious uncertain; unclear; not obviously one thing or another duel a formal fight between opposing parties dynasty a sequence of rulers from the same family, as in the Ming Dynasty of Chinese history; also, a family group notable for a particular quality, such as wealth eclectic ecstatic effect derived from a mixture or selected from various sources extraordinarily joyous;...
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