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Unformatted text preview: systems are built rhetorical question a reply a question asked solely for effect, with no expectation of road rage aggressive and sometimes violent behavior by drivers annoyed by other drivers’ behavior RSVP the initials of a French phrase, répondez, s’il vous plaît (please reply) typically used on formal invitations to indicate that the guest must respond, usually in writing, accepting or declining the invitation sadistic finding pleasure in being cruel 246 glossary sadly doing something out of unhappiness, or distress, or regret sardonic ironically humorous; sarcastically mocking search engine computer software that searches the Internet for documents that contain a keyword, phrase, or subject submitted by the user serenity a state of calmness, without disturbance shout-out an acknowledgment or greeting given for someone during a radio or television show, often used by rap musicians to acknowledge fans or mentors sibling one of two or more individuals having one common parent; a brother or sister simile a statement using the words like or as in comparing two things that are in most other ways dissimilar social networking websites that enable people to meet and share information social promotion euphemism for advancing a failing student to the next grade in spite of inadequate academic performance sophisticated worldly-wise; educated and experienced spam an unrequested commercial message on the Internet, usually sent as an email special ed education for student...
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