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Unformatted text preview: r browser someone who explores at random, as in a library; in computer terms, a program that is used to view, download, surf, or otherwise view pages on the Internet cacophonous loud, confusing, and disagreeable sound or noise calisthenics gymnastic exercises that are usually performed with little or no special apparatus camouflage (from the French for to disguise) disguising something to fool an enemy, particularly the painting of clothing to resemble the surrounding countryside of a battle capital the most important city in a country; or in general, the biggest or most important; or in financial terms, money or wealth capitol the building that houses the government in a capital city cardiology the branch of medicine that addresses the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the heart caucus a meeting organized in support of a particular interest, group, or cause 234 glossary caveat emptor (from the Latin for let the buyer beware) the concept that buyers are responsible for judging the quality of what they buy; the seller is not necessarily to be trusted cease to stop or end a process cell-phone manners the set of appropriate customs for conducting cellphone conversations cerebral relating to the brain, or the intellect as opposed to the emotions cessation an end or stop to something challenge an invitation to competition or to achieve a new standard chaotic chronic chronicle chronology very disorganized and without clear purpose continuous over a long time a written...
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