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Unformatted text preview: of more words than necessary to express an idea. My grandfather was famous in the family for his long-winded circumlocutions about what life was like when he was a boy. 4. cliché. A trite, overused expression or idea that has lost its originality and impact. Our school nurse was forever repeating her favorite timeworn cliché, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 5. epigram/epigraph. An epigram is a short, witty poem, saying, or quotation that conveys a single thought in a clever way. An epigraph is a brief quotation that appears at the beginning of an article, essay, or novel to introduce the theme. Every lesson in this book has been introduced with an epigram used as an epigraph. 6. non sequitur. A statement or conclusion that doesn’t follow logically from what preceded it. John’s suggestion that we all protest the requirement of school uniforms was a non sequitur after the principal’s announcement that our summer vacation was going to be cut short. 7. nuance. A slight degree of difference in meaning, feeling, or tone of something spoken or written. The poet’s varied description of the joys of spring included subtle nuances that made us think of the changing seasons in an entirely new light. words about words 207 8. redundant. Speaking or writ...
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