Small object of artistic value 188 build word power

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Unformatted text preview: ). (from the French for false step) An embarrassing mistake in manners or conduct. I made a terrible faux pas when I commented to my teacher that she seemed to have gained weight over the summer. 7. matinee (ma-tuh-NEH). (from the French for morning) An entertainment or performance held in the afternoon. We were so anxious to see that new comedy that we stood in line for the Saturday matinee. words we’ve adopted 187 8. objet d’art (ahb-zjay-DART). (from the French for object of art) A work of art, usually small; sometimes simply called objet or (plural) objets. My aunt owns a gift shop that specializes in antique French objets d’art. 9. pirouette (peer-uh-WET). (from the French for spinning top) In ballet, a complete turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot. The ballerina amazed the audience with her ability to do multiple pirouettes in rapid succession. 10. pizza (from the Italian for bite). An open-faced baked pie topped usually with spiced tomato sauce, cheese, and other garnishes. Pizza is thought by many to have originated in the United States, but others point out that an early form of pizza was eaten by the ancient Greeks, who flavored their flat...
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